Camellia news

On this page, we report all events related to the camellia (exhibitions, open days, etc ...). We do regular updates.
'Paradise Caroline'
In 2019 le Domaine de Trévarez (29520 Saint-Goazec, France), proposes :

Trévarez en Camellia from 30th to 31th of march.
Public opening of the Serres Royales de Laeken (Bruxelles, Belgium), each year between april and may. In 2019, the opening is from 19th of april to the 10th of may included.
Arboretum d'Het Leen (Eeklo, Belgium)

March 25th 2018, "Camellia" walk at 9:30 am.
Parking and free access. Food available on site.
Joel Lemaitre nursery (France)

Days of Camellias, march 1st to 3rd 2019, at the nursery.

Stervinou nursery (France)

In 2019, the nursery is open to individuals Friday 15th April and Saturday 16th March from 9:30 am to 6 pm.

Locarno (Suisse) : Parco Delle Camelie

Every year, International Exhibition of Camellias (22th edition in 2019). Discover 950 varieties in the Parco delle Camelie and an exhibition of 200 camellias. In 2019, the exhibition is scheduled from March 27th to 31th.
'Bella di Pisa'
Cannero Riviera (Italy) : Mostra della Camelia 2019

Camellia show in Cannero Riviera, March 23th and 24th. Exhibition of 25O varieties of camellias and visit of remarkable gardens. Also hikes around Cannero Riviera to discover the camellia in its natural environment.

Franckfurt (Germany) : Palmengarten

Every year the Palmengarten exposes, Duke Adolf of Nassau's collection of camellias, which is the basis of his collection. In its entirety, it is rich of 450 plants (300 cultivars). In 2019, the exhibition is from January the 23th to February the 10th. 

Londres (England) : Chiswick House

Camellia Festival from March 1st to March 31th, 2019, in honor of the oldest collection of camellias in Western Europe, cultivated in greenhouses. Reopening public after treating plants and cut. 10 hours to 16 hours, free entry.
On February 10th, 2016, a plaque was unveiled in honor of the restoration work by Herb Short, Marigold Assinder and Jane Callander, who rescued the collection
'Middlemist's Red'
Köln (Germany) : Botanischer Garten - Camellia Collection

Exceptionally, there is no exhibition of camellias under glass this winter 2019. The greenhouse that serves as its setting remains open to visitors with many plants and is a very beautiful walk. The outdoor collection is equally interesting and is continuously being expanded. Free admission every day from 10 am to 4 pm. 750 different different cultivars, with some yellow camellias, old japonicas, species and reticulata.