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Villeroy & Boch plates

Every new year, between 1979 and 2002 (except for 1983,1984, 1987 and 1988), Villeroy & Boch offered to their best customers a plate illustrated by a camellia. Their are 20 of them and we achieved to gather them all. Painting are by Nicolas Liez. 

1979 - 'Canduiflora Rubra'
1980 - 'Alba Plena'
1981 - 'Douklaria'
1982 - 'Picturata'
1985 - 'Rubra'
1986 - 'Tricolor'
1989 - 'Eximia'
1990 - 'Variegata'
1991 - 'Woodi Alba'
1992 - 'Spectabilis'
1993 - 'Apertabilis Maculata'
1994 - 'Jacicularis'
1995 - 'Picturata Bianca'
1996 - 'Rubricanlis'
1997 - 'Variegata Rosa'
1998 - 'Bruccana'
1999 - 'Birro'
2000 - 'Rubricanlis'
2001 - 'Facienlata Vinosa'
2002 - 'Collettii'

Villeroy & Boch trinkets

Six trinkets were also produced, more difficult to find, with the same drawings as plates. 

N°1 - 'Canduiflora Rubra'
N°2 - 'Alba Plena'
N°3 - 'Douklaria'
N°4 - 'Picturata'
N°5 - 'Rubra'
N°6 - 'Tricolor'

The trinkets exist in three different sizes.

Mug Villeroy & Boch

A mug exists, C. sinensis

Coffee Pot Villeroy & Boch

Other plates

Coins and medals

This coin was produced in 1999, for the KunMing Gardening Expo (China), diameter 4 cm

Bronze medal of the Porto's camellia show, 1994, diameter 8 cm

Medal of the Società Italiana della Camelia, 1965, diameter 5 cm
Photos Luc Dhaeze


A small and nice box

Cups coming from the Kutani pottery, Japan

This one, below, is signed by Miroki Yoshida

Another object from the Kutani potery, this beautiful vase.

Cups brought from our trip in Japan.

These ones were sold by pair, which is quite frequent.

We also bought a  small cup.

Another one.

Other Cups

A friend offered me this tea cup bought in Japan.

Another typical cup.

With Camellia 'Anemoniflora'.

A small vase in memory of the Mostra of Cannero Riviera (VB) (2017)

With Camellia 'Tricolor', from Germany.

A friend offered me this one, realized by a french artist.

In the same series, a jam funnel.

Another pretty Japanese cup.


1972 stamps, coming from Albania.

1979 stamps, coming from China.

1997 stamp, coming from Monaco.

1934 stamp, Xth camellia festival, Locarno, Switzerland.

1992 stamps, coming from New-Zealand.

1981 envelop, coming from Fort Valley, Georgia, USA.


Card from the 29th Mostra Nazionale della Camellia - Verbania.