Here is a technical section to help you to learn about camellias and how to care them.

Camellia care

Routine care for camellias throughout the year. But also tips for selecting, planting or growing in pot.

Camellia diseases

A list of diseases that can affect camellias and remedies that can be made, whenever possible.

Pruning camellias

Do not hesitate to cut camellias to give them a form. Some tips in photos.


Camellias in pots need regular repotting. With some pictures, here's how to do it.

Collecting camellia cuttings

A simple technique, widely used, to multiply camellias.

Camellias fruits and seeds

Camellias can have fruits that give seeds you can plant. You will find in the nomenclature camellias tha come from seeds. You can obtain a new camellia by planting a seed. You will find the "families" in the page  "Sports and seedlings".

From bud to flower

How, from a flowering to the next one, a bud forms, mature and becomes a new flower.