Private Garden - Near Brest (Finistère, France)

Here is the garden of a camellia lover, near Brest. She has 150.

Below, a beautiful 'Les Jury'. 


A very rare camellia in France, the pride of its owner: 'Kakure-iso'.  Its flowering is extremely long, since it starts before Christmas.

'Nicky Crisp'
'Tiptoe', slender.

'Nicky Crisp'
'Nicky Crisp'

'Nicky Crisp'

Blue Danube
'Blue Danube'
'Blue Danube

The owner also appreciates the hellebores. Here one of her compositions

'Buttos'n Bow'
'Buttons'n Bow'
'Buttons'n Bow

In the foreground 'Dolly Dyer'
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