Private Garden - In the Quimper area (France)

On one hectare of land, this camellias lover has created a garden with about 500 cultivars. The camellias are grown in hedges or in shrubs. They occupy the majority of the garden, you can admire them wherever you are. The collection is very extensive, as the owner is always searching for new cultivars.

 'E.G. Waterhouse'

'White Retic'

 'White Retic' is extremely rare in France. It is the only white reticulata I've seen so far.
'Nuccio's Pink Lace'
'Nuccio's Pink Lace'

'Nuccio's Pink Lace'

At the right of 'Donation', a magnificent Magnolia.

 'Grand Prix'
'Grand Prix',  widely spread.

'Rubescens Major'
'Rubescens Major'

'Rubescens Major



'Amabel Lansdell'
'Dr Louis Polizzi'
'Dr Louis Polizzi

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