Private Garden - In the south Finistère (France)

On slightly more than one hectare this beautiful garden was composed.Il contains camellias, rhododendrons, maples, heathers, perennials and plants for blooms throughout the year. There are about 200 varieties of camellias. They can be found throughout the visit, including some rare varieties.

Above, a heath shrub

 'Daintiness' and 'Donation'


'Nuccio's Pink Lace'
'Francis Hanger'

'Francis Hanger'

Above  'Hagoromo', below on of the rhododendrons.


'Rubescens Major'
'Black Lace'

'Black Lace' with its peculiar red color

'Amabel Lansdell'
'Elizabeth Bonn'
'Elizabeth Bonn

This camellias path was recently pruned.

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